Lesson 6

For Lesson 6 there is a major investigation you can do using Geometer's Sketchpad. If you are the sort of person who learns better by doing, do the investigation, starting on page 4 of Lesson 6
Otherwise, try the steps below.
Watch the waldomaths video on similar triangles.
Go to the information/applet page on congruent and similar triangles. Focus on the similar triangles.
  • Play a bit and fiddle with the two applets called "Similar, but Noncongruent Triangles"
  • look for patterns, especially about the corresponding angles in the triangles, and the ratios of the corresponding sides.
  • talk to Kevin afterward to see if it all makes sense.

Then start reading the ILC at the bottom of page 13 "Writing a Similarity Statement"

´╗┐Lesson 7

The first important part of lesson 7 is the definitions of Opposite, Adjacent, and Hypotenuse. Watch the video about Opposite, Adjacent, and Hypotenuse.

Then try playing with this trigonometry applet. It is started by clicking the red button. Use the "3-point navigation" to adjust the sides and angles of the triangle. If you need some help understanding what everything means, please ask. In particular, notice that for any constant alpha (angle), the ratios of sin, cos and tan are always the same.

Lessons 16 - 20

If you wish to do something different for lessons (TBD) to (TBD). You may accept the One Shot Challenge. See the attached file.